Spiritualism in Colwyn Bay

Source: Colwyn Bay Library. Directory of Colwyn Bay and Voters Roll.  Peter Jones Trance Medium.

In 1865 The Pwll Y Crochan and Erskine Estates offer for sale 3000 acres of land for development and the concept of a Victorian resort started to become a reality.

1925 First Spiritualist Church recorded at Nant-y-Glyn Rd Colwyn Bay.

1929 Spiritualist Church at Bay View Road Colwyn Bay.

1935 The National Spiritualist Church was registered for the solemnisation  of marriages

Number in marriage register 26956 (Today we also have our own Ministers who can perform this ceremony)

Number in worship register 56379.

1937 Library Directory finds 38 Woodlands Road altered to number 17 by the General Post Office.

A Brief History- looking back in time

On the 11th of November 1935 a Joseph Bell registrar and minister, certified the building known as ‘Coed Mor’  38 Woodlands Rd West Colwyn Bay. To be a place of meeting for religious worship under acts 18 and 19.  

Pre 1957 Mrs Gladys Jones was caretaker and treasurer and although she was there for quite some time we cannot say pricelessly how long this was, but we presume Gladys would have known the early founders and trustees such as Captain Wager Gilling.

Charles Wager passed to Spirit on the 25th March 1936.  A small plaque hangs on the wall of the auditorium in his memory. At that time Gladys Jones lived directly across the road from the Meeting House at ‘Greystokes’  When Gladys decided to move on, she took up the position of House Keeper for actor Charles Lawton and later, Doris Day in America. The custodial duties where past over to Mrs Mary Elenor Jones who took up residence in the upper rooms of the Meeting House with husband William and their son Peter.  Peter was  a gifted and natural Deep Trance Healing channel for Spirit who becoming resident Healer for many years. 

Several Trance sessions also took place through Peter. On one particular session a very sceptical lady was invited to attend one such Deep trance session. Upon asking if she might record the coming meeting, Peter's guides, an African Zulu healer and a soul of Chinese origin, agreed for this to take place. During the meeting, the two  guides spoke at some length and following this, both took it in turn to speak in their native tongue,  spoken while in their physical form.
Some weeks later the sceptical lady admitted to having the taped recording studied at a University in London which specialised in languages and linguistics of.  She reported to her own surprise, that both languages spoken, where in fact genuine with emphasis on a more ancient form of both. The lady in question was a Mrs Gwen Hetherington a local lady from Conway who became an ardent Spiritualist following this.

Mary Elenor affectionally known as Emmie initially became Secretary, Treasurer and host to travelling Guest Mediums who would often stay over in upper rooms. During her term, William (Bill) became caretaker and general repair man. At this time the Meeting House was already affiliated to the National Spiritualists Association (1969 17 Woodlands Rd West. Mary Elenor Jones was still on voters role at Coed Mor)

It is historically reported that following the inclusion of new members to the Committee, concerns for the future use of the Upper Rooms of the Trust Property became apparent. A quorum of Committee Members members made the decision to place Trusteeship with The Spiritualists' National Union.  This sudden move was taken to ensure that the whole property remained solely used for the purpose of Spiritual Activities.  In 1968 A Deed of Appointment was drawn up with The Spiritualist National Union resulting in the building remaining that which its Original Founders and Trustees intended.  As A Meeting place for the furtherance of Spiritualism through the works of Spirit and through the many gifts of true Mediumship.


It is with gratitude and thanks to all those souls, past and present, who have lovingly given their time freely for the continuity of This Place of Meeting, by offering a platform to Spirit and Sanctuary for those who seek Truth


Information researched and produced with footnote


 Margaret Stirling

  President 2014 -  Current